The DCSMEC Union has been made aware that approximately 144 of the affected employees who interviewed for the NIST job position have been selected.  We congratulate these employees and have already began work on an addendum to the original LOU (Letter of Understanding) to bring in 50-60 additional employees to achieve the original target of 200.  However, the additional 50-60 employees will be offered a temporary NDCS (Network Data Computer Specialist) position.  This position pays $37,217.00 and is a 12 month position with no steps and you will qualify for the same vacation pay, holidays, etc., as all DCSMEC members.  I.T. will begin new interviews maybe as soon as next week, we encourage everyone to seek one of these

If you have any questions contact your Steward or call DCSMEC (305) 477-6002.



June 2, 2011