Month: June 2017


Hard work pays off and M-DCPS you have proved it!

For the very first time in the history of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, we have eliminated all F schools in our community.”

The seven previous F schools and the grades they went to are as follows:

* Earlington Heights Elementary, Miami
From F to B
* Parkview Elementary, Miami Gardens
From F to C
* Poinciana Park Elementary, Miami
From F to A
* Skyway Elementary School, Miami Gardens
From F to B
* Brownsville Middle School, Miami
From F to D
* Carol City Middle School, Miami Gardens
From F to C
* North Dade Middle School, Miami Gardens
From F to C

Congratulations to all the students and staff of M-DCPS for an outstanding job,
DCSMEC is very proud to be part this historic undertaking.

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Get Your CEU Certificates

Brothers and sisters,

CEU certificates are currently being delivered to MSC-1, MSC-2, MSC-3 and MSC-4
please check with your yard Representatives to receive your certificate.

Zone Mechanics can pick up the certificate on Monday June 26, 2017 from your yard Director personal assistant, please call and verify they have your name before going to the yard.

If you work for Director Jeff Ware pick up your certificate from Howard Horne MSC-1.

If for some reason you can’t locate your certificate please notify DCSMEC at (305) 477-6002 or email us at


Yard Representatives:

Howard Horne (MSC-1) Toy’s

Hercules Allen (MSC-2) 41 street

Santiago Gomez (MSC-3) Coral Reef

Richard Crafton (MSC-4) Redlands 


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Hear ye! Hear ye!

Thank You for Attending the DCSMEC CEU training!

Words cannot express how delighted I am that you were able to make it to the 2017 CEU training. You really helped to make this a special time for everyone who attended, and I hope you had a great time as well!

My heart is so full from getting to see everyone this year and how much our DCSMEC family has grown. So many changes in a year! Yet, we still remain the crazy, loving, Union family we have always been.

It was great to have John Mills back as our instructor. John will always be an honorary DCSMEC member. He has never forgotten where he came from, a very rare attribute these days. I personally want to thank John for his friendship and great personality. He is the greatest instructor ever, if you don’t believe me, just ask him.

CEU certificate’s will be ready for pick up on Monday, June 26, 2017 from your DCSMEC yard Representative and/or your Director’s personal assistant at your MSC.

If after you acquire your certificate you have any concerns, please email or contact our office at (305) 477-6002 fax (305) 477-0806.

Until then, in solidarity,

Rolando Sardiñas

Business Representative/
Chief negotiator

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Stewards meeting

Brothers and sisters I hope everyone has a Happy Father’s Day weekend, we have a Stewards/ Yard representative meeting Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

The meeting will be at: The Miami Free Zone Bldg. 2315 NW 107 Ave. Doral, Fl 33172 in the main conference room, time 4:30 – 7:30 pm.

Meeting Itinerary:

Healthcare presentation with special guest Rosa Novo. (From 4:45-6:15 pm)
You will have an opportunity to ask health related questions and get the latest information on new programs, you can request a free biometric screening (optional) and receive a free gift for all participants.

Regular stewards meeting from (6:30-730pm)
1. Hiring
2. CFR
3. Conflict resolution
4. Bullying in the workplace
5. Working conditions

This is a mandatory stewards and officers meeting, please contact the Union if for any reason you are unable to attend by calling (305) 477-6002 or fax (305) 477-0806.

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CEU TRAINING UPDATE (E) Last Opportunity

DCSMEC CEU training makeup session will be on Saturday June 17, 2017 at the Toy’s training room located 12525 NW 28 Ave. Miami, Fl 33167 (8:00 am to Noon) make sure to register this is your last opportunity.

The Honorable John Mills, will be assisting with training, if you already registered for the second class you’re good for the makeup class, all other members must register to attend. RSVP via email to or fax to 305 477-0806 and state your intent to registering for CEU training or you can register in person on Saturday. Make sure to provide your name, employee number, email and phone number. CEU training are for members only!

Membership has it’s privileges, if you are having a problem logging in to please get assistance from one of our Yard Representative’s or Stewards, for more information call DCSMEC at 305-477-6002.

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