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2012-2015 DCSMEC Contract

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I am delighted to inform you that the DCSMEC bargaining unit has ratified the 2012-2015 contract by a margin of 76% in favor of, and 24% against. The actual vote count was 344 in favor of and 108 against.
Our thanks to all those who assisted in todays vote and a special thank you to everyone who cast a vote letting their voice be heard.

Joe Cortese
Business Representative, DCSMEC,


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2013 DCSMEC Member Benefit Options

Dear Members,
DCSMEC is again offering a package of alternative insurance benefits to our members “ONLY”.  The District offers similar products so please compare our benefits against theirs before you make your choice and see which option is best for you and your family.
See the ‘2013 Benefit Options‘ page above.
Joe Cortese

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Update about salary increases.

Dear Members,

“Yes” I have seen the paper and the Union Officers and I have had a flurry
of very excited calls from our members. Many of the members who have
called have not actually read the paper and are hearing rumors. If you read
the paper you will see that the very first sentence reads “Miami-Dade school
administrators have more earning potential under revamped salary schedule.”
That does not mean that 1300 administrators received a 10 to 30% raise.
The fact is that those 1300 administrators have not received anything. The
only people who have received a salary increase is 3 Managerial Exempt
administrators who got promotions. Even unions believe that people should get
raises when they get promotions.

With all the calls the Officers and I have received I put a formal request into the
Labor/Relations department to go over and explain what this article means in
the event I was reading it wrong.

The response is attached.

Click here to read the response.

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