Miami-Dade County Public Schools will reopen Monday September 18, 2017 as the Superintendent requested.

I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by the DCSMEC family. The endless hours worked to be able to achieve the opening of schools and the professionalism that you have portrayed has impressed the entire district immensely and I am honored to represent you.

As I  followed each step of the process I realize it was the most important project thus far for our community and its success was of the utmost importance to get a sense of normalcy back to Miami-Dade County.

Your selfless dedication to leave your family many without power and answer the call of  civic duty and dedication  should be a source of pride to the district and a wake up call of the importance of a strong maintenance force.

I once again want to thank you for your extraordinary effort.


Rolando Sardiñas

Business Representative