To all members,


After working through the heat of a South Florida summer once again we find ourselves in that magical time of the year getting ready for the start of school. Nobody does that better than the DCSMEC family. It seems year after year we have to do more and more with less yet somehow, someway we always come through. This year will be no different especially between now and the start of the school year on Monday; there is much to do with not enough time or personnel to do it. Management has acknowledged a better working relationship with labor than ever before, a good step in the right direction. First time in years we have new hires and safe vehicles, we still have a long road ahead of us, but I feel we are moving in the right direction.

As I’m sure most of you already know you will be working long days through the weekend to accomplish this goal. Everyone from site personnel to upper management will be out in force daily making sure the schools are ready for staff and students, in order to address any issues that may arise. Brothers & Sisters, please be careful and safe, stay properly hydrated and diligent in the task at hand. Most of all let me convey how proud I am of you and to be a part of the best maintenance program in the country.

On behalf of DCSMEC and the 4th largest school district in the nation, thank you for all you do and do so well.


Rolando Sardiñas

Business Representative