Month: November 2016

General Membership Meeting

The DCSMEC Union is having a General Membership meeting on
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at the Miami Free Zone 
location, 2315 NW 107 Avenue, Miami, FL 33172 in Conference Room
 2M8-9 at 4:30 pm. Join us for the traditional swearing in ceremony for newly Elected officers.

The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

• Swearing in of newly elected Officers, Business Representative Report.
* CEU training for 2017, etc.

We look forward to seeing everyone, steward make every effort to attend.

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Ratification VOTE result

We are pleased to announce the ratification vote went off without any problems and we like to thank all the pollsters for your assistance. To Rosa Novo thank you for coming out and speaking to our membership, the tally for the ratification vote is as follows:

YES                                       NO
———                                 ———                 “PASSED
90%                                     10%

Congratulations to all the DCSMEC members, you will see the new rate & retro on the December 9, 2016 pay period.

I would like to invite all the DCSMEC members to join us on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at our general meeting for the swearing in ceremony of the newly elected officers.

Tally Committee: Luis Pla (ZM), Gracian Casas (NIS), Raymone Jones (NIS) Donald Anderson (ZM) and Gary Sneesby (ZM) I like to give praise to the tally Committee who stayed late in order to count the ballots.









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Tentative agreement 2016/2017 VOTE

The VOTE for the 2016/2017 tentative agreement will be on Thursday,
November 10, 2016. Poll’s will open at 7:00 am – 3:30 pm.

Poll locations:

1. MSC 1
- 12525 NW 28 Ave
 Miami, Fl 33167

2. MSC 2
- 2925 NW 41 Street
 Miami, Fl 33142

3. MSC 3
-15301 SW 117 Ave
 Miami, Fl 33157

4. MSC 4
- 24600 SW 159 Ave 
Miami, Fl 33031

5. Infrastructure & System Support (Warehouse)
 2740 NW 104 Court
 Miami, Fl 33172

Please make sure you VOTE no excuses, this is a simple (yes or no) VOTE.
(YES) I accept the tentative agreement or (NO) I reject the tentative agreement.

If accepted you will see the increase & retro payment on December 9, 2016
and the Vacation will start accruing in December and you will notice the increase on the January 2017 payment.

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